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Do Not Try Any of These Axe Throwing Tricks at Home

axe throwing tricks

Being able to throw an axe can be a useful skill to have, but trying out axe throwing tricks like these is just asking for disaster to strike. 

Throwing an axe is something that with time and practice most anyone can safely learn. These axe throwing tricks on the other hand are not exactly safe, no matter how much practice you have. In fact the more you practice the more chances you have of messing up in a serious way. Check out these (admittedly awesome) axe throwing tricks and see for yourself just how crazy they are.

Please don't try any of these at home. You are not an axe throwing genius just waiting to be discovered; or let's just say it's much more likely that your future includes a story of how you lost those fingers than YouTube fame...

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Do Not Try Any of These Axe Throwing Tricks at Home