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DO NOT Swim Where the Monster Grouper is Lurking! [VIDEO]

After you watch this monster grouper feeding, you’ll be putting away the swimwear for a while.

Northern pike are nuts and want to eat everything in the world that they can get their mouth on. Now, if you could take their teeth and give it the massive size and weight of a grouper, we would never be afraid of sharks again.

First you take a filleted fish, the size of which any angler would love to catch, and then you chuck it into the water off of a near-shore pier. Now sit back and watch a monster grouper appear and make dog food out of it.

That massive fish almost pulled that guy in! You have a huge piece of bait tethered to a rope, no hook, and that grouper almost got everything!  Wherever this is people can be heard speaking the English language.

If that means it’s closer to home, then it might be time to load the gun.

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DO NOT Swim Where the Monster Grouper is Lurking! [VIDEO]