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Not So Sure-Footed Sheep Falls Down Mountainside [VIDEO]

Mountain sheep are amazingly sure-footed animals that can scale almost sheer cliffs and defy gravity.

Well, all except for this klutzy sheep that loses it all for a tuft of grass.

Watch this sheep make the ultimate sacrifice for that delicious-looking grass.

This sheep is not a friend of gravity.

This sheep and another one are videoed on a sheer cliffside foraging for hard-to-reach grass. The lead sheep loses its footing and starts down the mountain almost running trying to get its footing.

But it was too late. It tumbles and plummets over the edge. This leaves the other sheep bleating furiously and trying to follow the lost sheep down the mountain.

Out in the wilds nature shows no favorites. This lost sheep is just another day on the mountain.


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Not So Sure-Footed Sheep Falls Down Mountainside [VIDEO]