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What Not to Do with Rowdy Bear Cubs [VIDEO]

bear cubs

What does a skier do when he encounters some rambunctious brown bear cubs? Play with them, of course!

Though it ignores all common sense, the skier in this video can’t help it and proceeds to poke at and chase the brown bear cubs.

The scene was allegedly filmed at Mestia Ski Resort in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. The country, not the state, in case you couldn’t tell from the snow and brown bears.

The bear cubs seem to be enjoying themselves, but I have a feeling mama bear might not like her cubs’ new playmate.

Bears are very protective of their cubs, and it’s one of the few ways to almost guarantee a bad encounter – typically, one which you won’t win. However, there are ways to avoid an attack. The best way is to not play with bear cubs altogether. Sure they may be cute and funny. But scale them up to mama bear’s size and she’s not so cuddly anymore. The skier seems to have luck on his side during this encounter.

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What Not to Do with Rowdy Bear Cubs [VIDEO]