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What Not to Do: Epic Kayak Fishing Fail [VIDEO]

This fisherman demonstrates what not to do in this epic kayak fishing fail.

Kayaks are great fishing tools. They allow anglers to reach hard-to-reach fishing locations where the big ones often hide, they're easy to load and transport to the water, and fighting a fish from a kayak is something everyone should experience. However, they do have their drawbacks.

This guy makes a couple of seemingly minor mistakes that add up to an epic kayak fishing fail.

Check out the video and avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Shoot! After all that, he still missed the fish (which looked like a pretty good one too).

Of the tips listed at the end of the video, number three is definitely the most important. Losing a fish or gear is frustrating, but it is nothing compared to the consequences of an overturned boat that you don't know how to re-board.

Learn from this poor guy's mistakes and avoid having an epic kayak fishing fail of your own, but, if you do, I hope your POV camera is running.

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What Not to Do: Epic Kayak Fishing Fail [VIDEO]