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Not All Deer Rescue Attempts Have a Happy Ending

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Colorado mule deer dies as firefighters attempt to rescue it after falling through ice.

There’s been a lot of deer rescue stories hitting the web this fall. There were two bucks rescued from a cistern, a fawn rescued by boaters, or a doe tangled in wire. But unfortunately, not all of these stories have a happy ending, as was the case for one mule deer in Colorado.

This poor buck fell through the thin ice of a lake north of Fort Collins, Colorado last week. Cutting a path in the ice didn’t work, so some firefighters went into the water in ice suits in an attempt to rescue the poor buck. Unfortunately, the buck was just too frightened and eventually ended up under a sheet of ice. By the time they got the buck out from under the ice, it was too late.

This incident should serve as an unfortunate reminder of the cruelty of nature. The one positive takeaway is the firefighters got some real-time ice rescue practice for future incidents. The fire department is using the incident as reminder to the public to not attempt an ice rescue of an animal yourself.

“Please don’t go in after them,” Poudre Fire Authority spokesman Patrick Love told the Coloradoan. “We don’t want to do a pet rescue and an owner rescue. It can be extremely dangerous.”

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Not All Deer Rescue Attempts Have a Happy Ending