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How to Not Deep Fry a Turkey This Season

You know the best way to deep fry a turkey? This isn’t it.

It’s really tough to beat a crispy-skinned, moist turkey on Thanksgiving day. What’s the best way to achieve that? To deep fry it.

But there are ways to deep fry a turkey, and there are ways to burn your garage down. Your choice.

As the video shows, this is obviously not the best way to get that golden brown bird you’re after. It is, however, a great way to test the limits of your home insurance plan.

This blazing experiment (conducted by a professional fire and emergency services crew) shows us some helpful tips on what we should not be doing.

First, never attempt to deep fry a frozen bird. It must be fully thawed or the ice will react to the hot oil violently. Also make sure that the turkey is not too big for the pot and that you don’t have so much oil heating that it will overflow once you lower it in.

Finally, deep fry your bird in a driveway or yard away from your house or garage and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

You’d think very few people could make every mistake in the book like this, but it sadly happens every year. Don’t let yourself become a foolish statistic. No turkey is worth the $100K price tag when your home burns down.

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How to Not Deep Fry a Turkey This Season