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What to (and Not to) Do When You Have a 50-Inch-Plus Muskie On [VIDEO]


When you have a 50-inch-plus Muskie on, you have to know what to do and what not to do. Then you have to be able to execute that plan in order to successfully land it.

These guys were out fishing on Lake of the Woods, which lies on the Minnesota/Canada border when they hooked a decent sized walleye. What happened next was what warranted use of the video camera.

Warning: This video contains language that may not be suitable for all viewers!

When the muskie saw the walleye, he decided that he wanted in on the action as well. And this boat of fishermen almost got the catch of a lifetime out of it. Unfortunately for them they were just short of landing the 50-inch-plus muskie.

You have to give them credit for getting as far as they did with the huge muskie still chewing on the walleye. But a fish in the net and a fish on the boat are two different things.

At least the guys were good sports about it and happy with their “conciliation prize” of a pretty nice looking walleye. And on top of that they have a sweet video to go with the story.

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What to (and Not to) Do When You Have a 50-Inch-Plus Muskie On [VIDEO]