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Norwegian Boaters Get a “Whale” of a Surprise [VIDEO]

These Norweigan boaters are shocked by just how close these whales get.

We already know that the Fjords of Norway are one of the 12 places you need to fish before you die, but now we can add close whale encounters to the list of reasons why you should visit.

Two Norweigan boaters, Svein Aasjord and Trond Ivarsø, were just out in their boat on a nice calm day when they received some warning signs that something big was about to happen.

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As you can see, the big surprise these Norwegian boaters were in for was six humpback whales surfacing just feet away from their boat.

In the video description we are told that there was a very loud bubbling sound that Aasjord described as “almost like being in a glass of cola.”

While the whales did not stick around for long, this is sure to be one experience these two Norweigan boaters will never forget.

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Norwegian Boaters Get a “Whale” of a Surprise [VIDEO]