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Northern White Rhino Dies in San Diego Zoo, Only 3 Remain in the World

Northern White Rhino Dies In San Diego Zoo, Only 3 Remain In The World
Facebook/San Diego Zoo

A Northern White Rhino named Nola just died in the San Diego Zoo. Now only three Northern White Rhino are left in the world.

Nola was 41 years old and had been fighting a losing battle with a bacterial infection along with several other health conditions related to her advanced age. With great sadness, the veterinarians at the San Diego Zoo decided to euthanize her yesterday. This decision leaves only 3 Northern White Rhino left in the entire world.

Northern White Rhino once lived in Uganda, Chad, Sudan, and the Central African Republic. The three remaining Northern White Rhino currently live in a wildlife preserve in Kenya and are protected by armed guards 24 hours a day.

The Northern White Rhino is on the brink of extinction primarily due to rampant rhino poaching that authorities in Africa have struggled to control.

Unfortunately, the three remaining Northern White Rhino are unlikely to produce any offspring before they die because the one remaining male has a low sperm count.

Though there is a possibility of implanting a Northern White Rhino embryo in a female Southern White Rhino, the long term prospects for the species still look pretty bleak.

The San Diego Zoo made this announcement on their Facebook page yesterday:

We’re absolutely devastated by this loss, but resolved to fight even harder to ‪#‎EndExtinction.‬ We ask you to join us in that fight. Please share your memories of Nola and your condolences with the ‪#‎Nola4Ever‬ hashtag, and let this be a warning of what is happening to wildlife everywhere.

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Northern White Rhino Dies in San Diego Zoo, Only 3 Remain in the World