Northern Pike Daredevel
YouTube: Fishing with Bryan Prokuski

Angler Jigs Up Northern Pike with Classic Dardevle Spoon in Stunning Underwater Footage

When it comes to iconic fishing lures, the "Dardevle" seems to be one that almost every angler has owned at some point. If you did not own one, the odds are good your father or grandfather did. This red and white spoon has been sitting at the ends of angler's lines and in their tackle boxes for well over 100 years and counting. For a good reason, too. It still catches fish! If you need further proof, check out this incredible underwater footage from YouTuber Fishing with Bryan Prokuski.

He pits the Dardevle up against a live sucker, and it produces some of the most remarkable underwater footage we have seen in a while. Watch as multiple pikes come in to check out his spoon. He even has a largemouth bass and a pike at one point, both checking it out.

The beauty of the Dardevle is the simplicity of the design. Just a plain, old metal spoon with a bare treble hook and probably the most straightforward color scheme ever painted on any fishing lure. Yet, this lure performs year after year for generations. If it is not broken, don't fix it!

Tipping a Dardevle with a minnow or sucker is not a bad idea. My dad always liked to tip them with Uncle Josh pork rinds to give a bit more action. It was often just what the lures needed to entice a strike out of the most stubborn fish. One of those might have drawn a few more hits in this situation.

Either way, watching these pike and that bass come in and react to the fishing lures was highly entertaining. It is a sight we do not often get to see, especially when ice fishing. Think of it as a learning opportunity the next time you are out on the water.

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