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Northern Pike Caught in England 5 Ounces Short of All-Time Record


Anyway you look at it, this is one big northern pike. 

The northern pike get big across the pond. That can't be any more evident than this giant northern pike caught by British angler, Darren Clark. After being weighed, it turned out to be only 5 ounces short of the all-time, all-tackle British northern pike record.


"For it to come out at a weight like this, at this time of the year, is incredible and if you consider that it hasn't reached the full potential of its growth, it's scary to think what this fish could weigh," said Trout Lake fishery manager, Jake Finnigan in an interview. "The fish is still in immaculate condition and we are very proud that we have such pristine pike that could easily do the record."

What makes this story even more crazy is that fish has been registered five previous times on this same body of water. Each time, it has only gotten bigger. Now, on the sixth time being caught, this northern pike is getting closer to the all-tackle world record of 55 pounds, one ounce. However, as this one only weighed 46 pounds, eight ounces, it still has a ways to go.

This just shows what catch and release can do.


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Northern Pike Caught in England 5 Ounces Short of All-Time Record