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A Northern Harrier Tries to Pilfer a Barn Owl’s Meal [VIDEO]

Get your own! This northern harrier has his eyes on a barn owl’s catch and is honing in on the prize.

This beautiful video was taken near Farmington Bay, Utah where it seems that harriers and owls fight to the finish for every scrap.

In a terrific piece of footage taken situated with a snow-covered background shows this owl is off to his perch to relax and enjoy a well-earned treat.

Enter the northern harrier.

The northern harrier is a resident of Utah year-round. They tend to nest on the ground and will roost in colonies where food is abundant in marshes and grasslands.

Barn owls are primarily nocturnal but will feed during the daylight hours when the opportunity arises. Although occurring in small numbers in the state of Utah, they will be commonly found near human activity.

When two hunters that prefer the same food cross paths, sometimes one will steal or attempt to steal prey from the other making for a test of wills in the wild kingdom. I think the owl won this round.


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A Northern Harrier Tries to Pilfer a Barn Owl’s Meal [VIDEO]