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North to Alaska? Why Denali National Park Should Be Your Summer Adventure Getaway

Learn all about what Denali National Park has to offer you on the centennial anniversary of the National Parks Service.

Are you up for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime this summer?

Nothing in the United States gets more wild than Alaska. Where else can you encounter large animals such as brown bears and small animals, like the little lemming, all in their natural and untouched environments? With long, wide views that will overcome all of your senses and such great history, Alaska is a feast for the mind, body and soul.

Denali 101

What better place to see the very best of what Alaska can offer than at Denali National Park. This super-sized park is over 6 million acres and sports North America’s highest mountain, Mt. Denali at 20,308 feet tall, formerly named Mount McKinley. How big is your local park?

Denali National Park is quite an adventure no matter where on the Park Road you travel to visit. Buses are available so all you have to do is sit back and observe all of the amazing animals that make Denali National Park their homes. The scenery is of epic proportions and is sure to be almost a spiritual experience.

National Park Service

Now that we have your attention you may ask what do I do to start planning my adventure? The National Park Service has put a great website together to help guide your planning.

Are you interested in taking a great train ride on the Alaska Railroad? That, too, has a great website that gives you all the information you need to know and many fun facts about this iconic railroad system.

Alaska Railroad

Booking information is handily available at the Denali National Park Reserve Denali website. Tours and prices are listed and described with great detail. These tours allow you to get the full perspective of how great this incredible park actually is.

The Denali Chamber of Commerce will tell you where the best meals and attractions are. It is all laid out in an easy format to navigate on their website.

Tour Saver

Denali National Park’s Denali 101 website is full of answers to many common questions and other helpful tidbits. The staff at Denali National Park are very friendly and are eager to help. I want to give Ranger Wendy Mahovlic, Information Assistant at Denali National Park and Preserve, a special thanks for all the great help and information.

If you are thinking of a vacation this summer that is different than the ordinary take a look up North to Denali National Park. This is one vacation that will beat all others by a long shot.



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North to Alaska? Why Denali National Park Should Be Your Summer Adventure Getaway