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North Dakota Pipeline Protests Won’t Shut Down the State’s Deer Season

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Firearm deer season won’t be delayed by protests.

The environmental protests of an oil pipeline in the Standing Rock Indian Reservation won’t hamper North Dakota’s firearms deer season.

Tribe members have been engaging in peaceful protest of the construction of an oil pipeline through lands the local Sioux Tribe says are ancestral burial grounds. Environmental activists have also joined in because many perceive the pipeline as a potential threat to water supply along the nearby Missouri River.

Because some sections of highways and bridges in the area have been shut down, some area hunters were concerned about the effect the protests would have on the state’s firearms deer season, which is starting this Friday.

But the Associated Press reports Game and fish officials have no plans to shut down any hunting. North Dakota Game and Fish Director Terry Steinwand told the Associated Press there have been numerous calls from concerned hunters who go after deer in areas around the reservation.

Hunters in the area are being asked to use some common sense and not hunt in close proximity to where protestors have set up camps.

For now, the protests show no signs of slowing down. The protests made major headlines when a massive herd of wild buffalo showed up in close proximity this weekend, something many Sioux see as a sign of good fortune.


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North Dakota Pipeline Protests Won’t Shut Down the State’s Deer Season