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North Dakota Mountain Lion Season Hits Quota and Ends Early

mountain lion

Hunters quickly hit quotas on mountain lions last weekend.

North Dakota’s mountain lion season is over as quickly as it began.

With a quota of seven lions, the Bismark Tribune reports six of the seven were shot in four days, causing the season to close early. It was originally scheduled to go until March 31.

The Tribune reports hunters using dogs were successful Friday through Monday of last weekend to help close the season early. There have been concerns amongst officials that mountain lion populations were down and State Game and Fish is considering reducing quotas for future hunts. They plan to have public talks to address the issue in February.

Not all the hunters believe declining numbers are the case however.

“Every time we went out, we found one or two tracks,” said Chaston Lee, who trains mountain lion hunting dogs.

“It was just plumb easy,” he told the Bismark Tribune.

Snowy conditions made for easy tracking of the big cats over the weekend, which helped hunters easily track the lions.

North Dakota isn’t alone in closing mountain lion season early this year. Earlier this week, parts of Montana closed their seasons as hunters there also hit the set quotas.


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North Dakota Mountain Lion Season Hits Quota and Ends Early