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North Dakota Legalizes Drones for Police Use [VIDEO]

legalize drones for police use

North Dakota has recently legalized drones for police use and not everyone is happy about it.

Newly-passed laws have made North Dakota the first state to legalize drones for police use.

The laws, which were originally introduced by Republican state representative Rick Becker, were intended to ensure that any drones being used by police were not allowed to carry weapons was amended before becoming law to allow drones to carry only non-lethal weapons.

But not everyone is happy about this decision. Check out the video released showing how some view this groundbreaking law.

While you can’t argue with the facts that people have died due to the use of “non-lethal” weapons, it does seem strange to argue about the police having more ways to help protect innocent citizens.

What do you think about this new drone law? Do you like the fact that they have limited the drones to non-lethal weapons? Or should drones be allowed to carry guns?

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North Dakota Legalizes Drones for Police Use [VIDEO]