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North Dakota is the Latest State to Increase Deer Tags


Proper management and mild winters lead to growth in deer population.

Much like it’s southern neighbor, hunters in North Dakota will see a dramatic increase in the number of deer tags available for the 2016 hunting season.

Until just recently, the population of deer in the state of North Dakota was at it’s lowest point in almost 40 years. According to state wildlife chief, Jeb Williams, that trend has shifted in the past couple years and the state has finally been witness to a growing herd. As reported by KFYR-TV, the population increase can be largely attributed to reduced tag count availability during the recent years as the North Dakota Game and Fish department made efforts to ease harvest pressure.

Mother Nature has also stepped up to help out her favorite sportsmen and women recent by delivering milder winters allowing the survival rate of deer to increase. Milder winters can often be the most attributed reason for increasing the survival rate of newborn fawns.

The overall tag quantities available for deer hunters in the state will grow by an impressive 13 percent in 2016. That will push the total tag numbers to 49,000.

Recently, officials in South Dakota also noticed substantial growth in deer population and similarly voted to increase the availability of deer tags for the coming hunting season. In the announcement from South Dakota, representatives from the Game, Fish, and Parks department also credit proper conservation and management practices as well as milder winters for the growing population. Figures like these further validate that conservation efforts, which are paid for primarily by hunters and anglers in each state, remain one of the leading factors to facilitate healthy animal populations in most states.

For additional information, applications for licenses and tags, or general inquiries, please visit the North Dakota Game and Fish website.



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North Dakota is the Latest State to Increase Deer Tags