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North Carolina Surfer Rescues Fawn from Waves [PICS]

While surfing on the Outer Banks, close to Buxton, North Carolina, Tyler Balak noticed something odd floating in the ocean.

People on the beach thought that the thing floating in the surf could’ve been a shark, while Balak believed it was simply driftwood.

Upon getting a little closer, the man was able to distinguish head and ears. Originally, the man believed he’d found a dog but finally determined it was a deer.

A spotted whitetail fawn that had gotten trapped in the tides and unable to get back to shore, or may not have even know what direction to go.

“It was shaking, clearly in shock,” Balak said after paddling over and catching the struggling animal and bringing him back to shore. Balak believed the fawn had been fighting the waves for at least a half an hour and was certainly going to drown.

Balak called local non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center, Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation center in Frisco.

President of the non-profit, Lou Browning, sedated and took the deer back to the center where it was calmed and returned to a normal condition before being returned to Buxton.

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North Carolina Surfer Rescues Fawn from Waves [PICS]