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North Carolina Seeking Public Comment on Possible Alligator Season

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North Carolina could see a new hunting season next year.

An increase in alligator sightings may lead to a new hunting season in North Carolina.

North Carolina’s Wildlife Resources Commission is planning to hold public hearings next year and will also seek online input from the public in the possible establishment of a hunting season, the Virginian-Pilot reports.

While North Carolina doesn’t have quite the population of alligators that more southerly, nearby states have, the Pilot reports interactions with people and sightings of alligators are on the rise. South Carolina has held an alligator season since 2008.

The public hearings on the topic are scheduled to be held at Swain Auditorium in Edenton. The Pilot reports the bag limit would be one alligator per season, which the Wildlife Resources Commission is saying would probably run from Sept. 1 to Oct. 1. Legal hunting equipment would include archery gear, harpoons and wooden pegs.

Biologists aren’t entirely sure how many alligators are out there, but an increase in alligator sightings has been noted in the southeastern part of the state.

If you are from North Carolina and interested in hunting alligators next year, the Wildlife Resource Commission would like to hear from you. Public comments can be made online here.

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North Carolina Seeking Public Comment on Possible Alligator Season