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North Carolina Non-Typical Archery State Record Proved a Hoax

North Carolina Sportsman

Potential non-typical archery state record whitetail buck turns out to be fake. 

Last week there were words of a new North Carolina Non-Typical Archery State Record, but the full story is finally coming to light.

How far are people willing to go for fame or fortune? Extensive lengths, apparently. A recent feel-good hunting story is actually fraudulent.

The North Carolina Sportsman reported “Nick Davis claimed he killed the record North Carolina non-typical archery buck, but he allegedly bought a set of antlers in Pennsylvania, screwed them to the skull plate of a 3-point buck he killed in North Carolina, then covered it with deer hide.”

Joey Thompson, an official scorer for the North Carolina Bowhunters Association, posted on his Facebook Sunday night that though he scored the potential state record, but it turned out be a hoax.

The deer he measured scored 208 inches net non-typical, which is more than 30 inches larger than the existing state record archery kill held by Brent Mabrey.

Thompson stated, “I regret to inform you the deer I took pride in measuring on Thursday night was not a NC Deer. I am very upset over this as I felt it was legitimate and legal. I am very thankful the NCWRC for the hard work and protecting the deer we hunt.”

The N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission visited Davis and allegedly had him confess the antlers were actually from Pennsylvania.

It’s still unknown if Davis will face any charges for his actions.

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North Carolina Non-Typical Archery State Record Proved a Hoax