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North Carolina Mountains are the Total Outdoorsman Escape

North Carolina Mountains
Image via Screenshot

The North Carolina mountains are both wild and beautiful and this amazing video shows you how they are the total outdoorsman escape. 

There is just something about the North Carolina mountains that seems to call to lovers of the outdoors. Especially the highlands seem to always be beckoning you towards them for an outdoor adventure and escape.

I may be a little biased since North Carolina is my home but I’ve always thought (and been told by many people with years of experience) that the North Carolina mountains are something special and are the total outdoorsman escape.

If that video doesn’t stir up your adventurous spirit and make you want to pack a bag for the highlands of North Carolina, then you may want to check your pulse.

Though this is a beautifully filmed video, even it doesn’t do the North Carolina Mountains justice, and to know that, you’ll just have to go see them for yourself.

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North Carolina Mountains are the Total Outdoorsman Escape