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North Carolina Hunter Takes Two Trophy Bucks Only Minutes Apart

North Carolina Sportsman

Some go a lifetime without ever putting hands on a trophy. What if we told you that this guy took two, on public land, only minutes apart?

Lee Huffman walked into the North Carolina woods on the morning of October 23rd likely not expecting what he was in for. Huffman would drop not one but two bucks, a 9 pointer and a 10 pointer, only minutes apart. On a public draw hunt on the lower Roanoke River gamelands in the eastern part of the state, Huffman was extremely proud.

“To take these two deer on public land is a blessing” Huffman says in an article published in North Carolina Sportsman. Huffman says patience was the key to his success, having let a number of smaller bucks walk the day before.

According to Huffman, the previous days  hunt yielded a few looks at some does and yearling bucks before a thick fog rolled into the area. On his second day of a public draw hunt, Huffman settled into his stand on the lower Roanoke River  and was quickly relieved as the fog lifted from the day before. A doe would emerge not long after daylight, followed by the big 10, a deer that Huffman reports having missed earlier during muzzleloader season.

The excitement certainly didn’t end there, however. Huffman would quickly call his wife to report the fall of the big 10, but would only get a few words out before he saw another buck dogging the same doe. Huffman quickly dropped the other buck, a nice 9-pointer, with his Ruger American .308 and began his climb down. As he started his decent, Huffman reported seeing two more buck trailing the same doe.

The North Carolina Hunter credits patience for his double up that morning: “If you have patience and let those does walk this time of year, you will see bucks following them. A lot of guys just shoot the first buck they see, and that’s a mistake too, because a bigger one is bound to come out if you let the smaller ones walk. I was lucky that the big one was immediately following that doe, but a lot of times, a smaller buck will come out first behind a doe, and if you let those walk, you’ll get a shot at a bigger one.”

The 10 pointer was later reported to green score 135 1/4 inches. While many of us dream of taking only one buck of this caliber, Huffman proves that a little patience and luck can make things twice as nice when it comes to trophy bucks!

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North Carolina Hunter Takes Two Trophy Bucks Only Minutes Apart