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North Carolina House Votes to Allow Sunday Hunting

Serious Bird Hunting

The North Carolina State House agreed to pass laws to allow Sunday hunting, with some restrictions.

The bill would allow Sunday hunting on private land as long as written permission from the owner was received. North Carolina is one of eleven states that ban hunting on Sunday altogether. This new legislation would make it permissible under certain circumstances.

Sunday hunting would still be prohibited in Wake and Mecklenburg counties, where the city of Raleigh and Charlotte are located. Also, Sunday hunting would be prohibited within 500 yards of a church or homes. Other restrictions include no hunting of doves, woodcock, crows or waterfowl on Sunday and no deer hunting with the use of dogs on Sunday.

The law would stand for two years as is, and in October 2017 individual counties could then pass laws to restrict Sunday hunting if they want to.

One of the bill's sponsors, State Representative Jimmy Dixon said, "It compels no one to hunt with a firearm on Sunday." He believes that hunting on Sundays should be the landowner's choice.

"We have many, many recreational activities that we readily condone. I don't know why hunting is any different," said Rep. Marvin Lucas, another sponsor of the bill. He mentions that other sporting activities and events are open and active on Sundays such as fishing, NASCAR, sporting clays shooting, and the Steeple Chase, so why shouldn't hunting?

Some supporters also say hunters are departing on Saturday night, thereby reducing income for hotels, restaurants and sporting goods vendor in rural areas. Sunday hunting would increase the revenue for hunting outfitters and guides.

Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan represents the constituents who don't want a change. He says, "This is the Bible Belt," he said. "It represents an era of days gone by."

The bill now goes to the Senate.

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North Carolina House Votes to Allow Sunday Hunting