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North Carolina Bowhunter Arrows Record Buck with Help from Friends

Another trophy whitetail hit the dirt, but wait. What if we told you this Pope and Young qualifier only has six points?

Tracy Wyrick may have had the odds stacked against him before his season even started. Late summer knee surgery had sidelined the Albermarle, NC native and by early October, he had yet to even set foot in the woods. In steps, friends Chris Friguglietti and Rusty Melton quickly jumped to the aid of their injured hunting buddy.

Friguglietti and Melton scouted, hung stands, and toted gear for their injured comrade, and on the night of October 14th, their help paid off. Late that Wednesday evening, Wyrick arrowed a six-pointer with his Mathews Z7 that would potentially fill a page in the record books.

"The deer scored better than 130 inches, with 25-inch main beams, a 19 1/2-inch inside spread, brow tines around 5 inches, G-2s that measured 10 inches and bases that were better than 5 inches in circumference," reports an article in North Carolina Sportsman.

North Carolina Sportsman

Wyrick admits that he can't claim much more than luck for arrowing the record buck. "They [Friguglietti and Melton] got my stands ready on my area of the property, and without them, I'd never have taken this deer," says Wyrick in his interview with North Carolina Sportsman. "It was only my second time hunting."

Wyrick and his friends have managed their lease of more than 10 years in hopes of taking record bucks just like this. In fact, this wasn't Wyrick's first giant 6-pointer on the property. The article reports that Wyrick snagged another six-pointer the year before that was estimated to weigh more than 200 pounds. While the scoring of this year's buck is technically unofficial and will require some drying, it is expected that the tall tined giant will find its way into the Pope and Young Record Book.

We sure hope that you all have some friends like those of Tracy Wyrick. You never know when you take the time to help out a fellow hunter, what might be the result. Be sure to be thankful for good hunting buddies and help others any time you can. You never know when a helping had can help your buddy, or you, bag the buck of a lifetime!

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North Carolina Bowhunter Arrows Record Buck with Help from Friends