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NOPE: Hammerhead Attacks Kayak Fisherman in Florida [VIDEO]

A hammerhead attacking my kayak may be my worst nightmare.

Some kayaking anglers get some unwanted attention from a hammerhead shark off Pompano Beach, Florida.

This thing was persistent.

The shark was circling the kayak for a good minute, eventually leaving after numerous smacks from a paddle.

He goes to each of the kayaks, seemingly sizing up each one for an afternoon snack.

Hammerheads, at least in my book, are one of the scarier types of shark because they are so distinguishable from above. There have been hammerhead attacks reported but no fatalities. That still doesn’t make it okay.

Did you see the bite marks on the kayak in the end?! Nope, I’m good on kayak fishing in shark-infested water, thanks.

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NOPE: Hammerhead Attacks Kayak Fisherman in Florida [VIDEO]