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The Noble Camper: Now Your Pooch Can Join in on Your Adventures [VIDEO]


Thanks to a Boulder, Colorado company, man’s best friend can now stay warm and cozy…without taking up your space.

Many dog owners lead active lifestyles, and taking your dog along on outdoor adventures has never been more popular. While the owners of popular long haired and/or sporting breeds, such as labs and retrievers, don’t have to give quite as much thought to keeping their pooch comfortable, taking along breeds that are more susceptible to the weather has always been a problem.

Until now, that is.

After much trial and error, Tyler Barnard of Boulder, Colo. believes that he’s come up with a solution. In a recent interview, Barnard shared his struggle with trying to keep his short-haired Vizsla, Noble, warm on their overnight hiking/camping trips. Noble always ended up in Barnard’s sleeping bag, which, while being warm and dry, wasn’t always comfortable, not to mention the fact that sleeping bags aren’t designed to withstand a dog’s claws.

Barnard, who does 3-D architectural modeling, set out to design a doggy sleeping bag that would keep Noble warm and dry…and out of his space.

“I built probably six different prototypes myself and destroyed just as many,” he said. “The first one was a teepee with a slit in the side, and getting him to understand how to get in and out of it intuitively was a huge challenge.”

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As you can see, the final design looks like a regular dog bed, but with a a surprising twist. Not only is it compact and portable (it rolls up and stores like a mini-sleeping bag), but the bottom also unzips and folds over the top, creating a warm and dry place for your pooch to unwind.

This holiday season, don’t leave your pooch at home or out in the cold. Get them a Noble Camper, and they’ll enjoy your adventures just as much as you do.

Check out the Noble Camper here.  

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The Noble Camper: Now Your Pooch Can Join in on Your Adventures [VIDEO]