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The NOAA Wants to Tell Anglers What to Do

NOAA Fisheries is looking to establish policies for recreational saltwater fishing.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced plans to develop national policy when it comes to recreational fishing. That means your future as a deep sea, bay, kayak or pier fisherman may be in for some changes.

NOAA Fisheries shared news of the policy plan creation during its second national Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit.

More than 100 stakeholders in the saltwater fishing industry met with NOAA personnel in Alexandria, Virginia on the first two days of April, assessing progress and laying out plans for the eventual policy creation.

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"Resolving issues facing our fisheries today requires partnerships between managers, scientists and people who enjoy the resource," said Eileen Sobeck, assistant NOAA administrator for fisheries, in the news release. "I commit that NOAA Fisheries will actively engage the recreational fishing community, and we will do our part to find cooperative solutions."

At the forefront of the discussions was the quality of the data compiled to count and categorize the recreational catch and fishing effort, on-the-water fishing experiences, sharing management priorities, and discussing the importance of healthy habitats.

The collaborative efforts should be applauded, and NOAA Fisheries has promised to work closely with the recreational fishing community to hear their concerns.

If we stand any chance of conserving and managing the habitat and population of saltwater fish, the NOAA will need to devote themselves to coming up with the best possible approach that keeps both anglers and the species they fish for satisfied and supported.

What regulations do you think should be established to help preserve and maintain saltwater fisheries?

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The NOAA Wants to Tell Anglers What to Do