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NOAA: Sharks Deserve Conservation Efforts

In the mind of the NOAA sharks should get equal protection.

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), not only are sharks among the ocean's top predators and vital to the natural balance of marine ecosystems, they are also a valuable recreational species and food source.

To help protect these important marine species, the United States has some of the strongest shark management measures worldwide.

When NOAA Fisheries works with US regional fishery management councils, commercial and recreational fishermen, academics, environmentalists, and others to conserve and focus on sustainability of domestic shark fisheries in both the Atlantic Ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean, we all win.

What some people do not realize is that sharks are so much a necessary part of the fishery that it cannot be overstated.

The fact that NOAA conducts research, assessing stocks, working with US fishermen, and implementing restrictions when necessary, shows that they can effectively manage shark populations. And that is encouraging news for all of concerned about the fragile ecosystems of the world's oceans.

For overfished shark stocks, NOAA applies management measures to rebuild the stock to a healthy level. Sustainably managed shark fisheries provide opportunities for both commercial and recreational fishermen alike.

NOAA Fisheries also works with international organizations to get global shark conservation and management measures adopted.

In addition to prohibiting shark finning in the United States, NOAA continues to promote a fins naturally-attached policy globally.

Why do or don't you think sharks should be protected and regulated?

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NOAA: Sharks Deserve Conservation Efforts