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NOAA Agrees, More Sharks on the East Coast [VIDEO]

shark attacks east coast

More sharks than have ever been documented before, over the course of a 29-year study!

National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists caught 2,835 sharks in 2015, up dramatically from 1,831 in 2012, the previous year of the study. It doesn’t take a scientist to see the importance of these numbers: that’s a lot more sharks.

Those results come unsurprising to the EIGHT people attacked by sharks in the span of 24 days in North Carolina (two in one day).

The increase is thought to be due to a tremendous cut in commercial shark fishing, enacted in 1993. If that is indeed the case, the number of sharks will continue growing over time.

However, NOAA scientists provide this information with a warning to the public not to assume that more sharks mean more shark attacks. Now, I’m no fishery biologist, but that statement stirs caution in me.

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NOAA Agrees, More Sharks on the East Coast [VIDEO]