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No, That’s Not How to Load an M1 Garand

How To Load An M1 Garand

This kid was having a hard time figuring out how to load an M1 Garand. Shooting in video games and shooting in real life are not the same thing.

Loading an M1 Garand can be a little tricky for the initiated. However, this kid was really struggling and was having a tough time figuring out just how to load an M1 Garand, even though someone (presumably his father) had already explained to him how to do it.

Watch to see how it all worked out for him. Lucky for him, he didn’t get a serious case of M1 thumb from the experience.

That video is proof skills learned in video games do not usually transfer over to real life very well. This is especially true regarding guns.

Fortunately, the kid still practiced good firearm handling safety and kept his muzzle pointed down range even while he was struggling with how to load the M1 Garand.

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No, That’s Not How to Load an M1 Garand