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No Tall Tale Here! Monster Minnesota Muskie Caught By 4-Year-Old [VIDEO]

Finally! Here’s a tall tale that’s true, no exaggeration needed!

Young brothers James and Johnny Range, Jr., of Minneapolis caught a colossal muskie on Tuesday evening right from their own dock.

James, only four years old, felt a pull on his line. He tugged back, and the wrestling match began.

Little James was so excited! “It kind of was pulling me in…When you feel a big fish, it goes all the way to the bottom.”

James saw how huge the fish was when it jumped above the waterline, and, exhausted, he passed the stick to his 9-year-old brother, Johnny. In recounting the amazing story, Johnny Jr. said that “I got really excited, but then it was going under the boat and then it took a little while.”

Finally, Johnny Sr. had to lend a hand, helping his sons reel in the massive fish, making it a family affair. Dad was thrilled for his boys.

“It worked out perfect,” Johnny Sr. said. “James catching the fish at first — fighting it for a while until he got tired, or I think he got scared when he saw the fish jump — but then he immediately handed it off to his big brother, and he did a great job fighting it in.”

Turns out this beast was three inches taller than James! Imagine that – catching a whopper bigger than you!

The boys’ take was 46 inches long, more than 15 inches longer than the average muskie, and only 10 inches short of the state muskie record set in 1957.

This will certainly be the tale of a lifetime for these young men, and only the beginning in their long fishing careers. Johnny Jr. is already setting his sights on bigger and better things… like a four-foot muskie.

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No Tall Tale Here! Monster Minnesota Muskie Caught By 4-Year-Old [VIDEO]