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No-Shave Showdown [INFOGRAPHIC]

This should be easy for you: who's got the best beard? Vote in the No-Shave Showdown!

If our hunting and fishing fans know anything, it's that there's only one person's beard you need to know about, and that's Phil Robertson's. reader and skilled graphic designer Adrian Rawlings helped design this great infographic for and suggested we share it with you, because there's little doubt who you're going to choose as the wearer of the best beard.

You can vote for your favorite (no surprise who's ahead!) until November 30, 2013, and at the end of the voting period, $5,000 will be donated in honor of the beard collecting the most votes to No-Shave November's American Cancer Society team fund to help in the fight against prostate cancer.

Click on the infographic to be taken to a larger, zoomable version, and get your vote in.

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No-Shave Showdown [INFOGRAPHIC]