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No More Open Carry for Utah Restaurant’s Kilt-Wearing Wait Staff After Move

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Ogden Daily Standard

Wait staff will no longer be able to open carry at this Utah restaurant. 

The relocation of a Utah seafood restaurant means the staff will have to keep their firearms concealed from now on.

Previously, Sea Bears Ogden Fish House in Ogden was known for a wait staff that openly carried firearms and wore kilts. A re-location to Ogden’s historic Union Station means restaurant staff will not be allowed to openly display their firearms under the terms of a contract negotiated with the Union Station Foundation.


“In this day and age, to see somebody carrying in public, you don’t know right away if it’s friendly or scary,” Union Station Foundation executive Elizabeth Sutton said. “So, to make everyone feel safe, we felt that open-carry does not meet our mission and goal.”

The rule is a change from the initial contract the foundation was negotiating with Sea Bears’ owners Monika and Tony Siebers. The foundation was originally going to allow the open carry if all owners and wait staff who were carrying kept weapons in holsters and had taken safety classes and undergone background checks.

All firearms also could not be longer than 12 inches and would only be allowed in the restaurant. Firearms are not allowed in other parts of Union Station.

Apparently word leaked out Sea Bears staff would continue to open carry and the Union Station Foundation began receiving complaints.

The Ogden Daily Standard reports the Siebers have made their restaurant known for being an open-carry friendly business at their old location. Perhaps in a bit of irony, Union Station is also home to a gun museum.

The Siebers aren’t making a big issue of the ruling however. They told the Ogden Daily Standard they are mostly focused on getting moved in to their new location.

“We’ve had a great relationship (with Union Station) and we’re excited to be here,” Monika Siebers told the Ogden Daily Standard. “But as far as the open-carry, we’re not ready to say anything.” In spite of the foundation’s opposition to open carry in the restaurant, Sutton told the paper she’s actually glad the issue has come up.

“If nothing else, I’m glad the community is talking about this,” Sutton said. “This is such a taboo subject, it’s good to get it out in the open.” For now, maybe the staff should consider investing in some tactical kilts now that they have to carry concealed?



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No More Open Carry for Utah Restaurant’s Kilt-Wearing Wait Staff After Move