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No, Kinessa Johnson Isn’t Going to Kill Walter Palmer [PICS]

kinessa johnson isn't going to kill walter palmer featured
Facebook-Kinessa Johnson

Here is an official response by Kinessa Johnson to rumors on the Internet that she is going to kill Walter Palmer, the man who shot Cecil the Lion.

Here is a another good example of why you shouldn’t believe everything that you read on the Internet.

One of the latest developments in the Cecil the Lion saga is the rumor going around that Kinessa Johnson, the famous female member of VETPAW, has vowed to “put a bullet into the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion.”

kinessa johnson isn't going to kill walter palmer
Facebook/Kinessa Johnson

Kinessa Johnson recently took to Facebook to set the record straight and her response to this rumor is below.

Listen people, I have been getting many emails and messages about this article asking if I really said this. I’m clearing it up right now and the answer is NO. I don’t even know who this is that did the write up and I was never in the marine corps. Just remember not everything you hear or see on the Internet is true.

It is unknown how this rumor got started or who is responsible for it. It is possible that this rumor was started as a joke.

However, if it is not a joke, it is a pretty poor excuse for journalism and it gets many facts wrong about Kinessa Johnson and the situation in general. Not only is she an Army veteran (not a Marine), but I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t have “27 poachers to date on her trophy list.”

Also, lions are currently not an endangered species.

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No, Kinessa Johnson Isn’t Going to Kill Walter Palmer [PICS]