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No Cellular Service, No Problem with Beartooth Devices

The small Beartooth device enables you to use your cellphone without cellular service. 

Beartooth devices were made specifically for those times when your cellular service isn’t strong enough to connect. Whether it is on the top of a ski hill, deep in the woods, or at a crowded concert, Beartooth will allow you to communicate with other users.

See how it works.

Beartooth essentially connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth at a two-mile range and allows walkie-talkie-like communication with other Beartooth carriers. You will be able to regularly text through your smartphone, use your maps, and call others who also have their Beartooth working and in range.

The small device is separate from your smartphone and can be alternatively used as a USB power source, if you have no need for wireless connection.

Beartooth is allowing consumers to preorder their new pocket-sized device for $249 for the next 30 days. After that, the cost will be $399.

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No Cellular Service, No Problem with Beartooth Devices