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‘No Accident’ Doc Highlights Chronic Wasting Disease [VIDEO]

No Accident documentary paints frightening picture of Chronic Wasting Disease.

Chronic wasting disease has become a real threat to North American wildlife. If you haven’t heard of this disease before, it is a terrible one affecting a large population of the wild game that hunters seek to harvest year after year.

Chronic wasting disease, or CWD, is similar to Mad Cow Disease, a prion that has a degenerative affect on the brain of the animal, which ultimately leads to a horrific death. Check out the story in the No Accident Film.

WARNING: Some strong language in the video.

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This documentary provides insight to an unfortunate truth: CWD is here, it is a real threat, and there is something that outdoorsmen and women can do about it. Without hunters harvesting big game, there is no way to run appropriate tests on these animals to determine if CWD is present. By continuing to hunt and registering each harvest, you can help control the spread of this horrible disease by allowing testing on the animals to determine whether CWD is present, or if the disease is spreading.

Please share this article to all of your hunting comrades. All hunters need to be aware of CWD, where it has been located, and what to do to help control the spread.

Have you encountered CWD in your geographic region? Leave your comments below.

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‘No Accident’ Doc Highlights Chronic Wasting Disease [VIDEO]