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NJ Bow Fisherman Lands State Record Carp

A New Jersey bow fisherman is the latest angler to claim a state record carp.

According to, Adam Faatz landed a 45-pound 6-ounce common carp on May 19 while bowfishing on Greenwood lake, a body of water that straddles the border of New Jersey and New York.

Faatz, a member of Team Bloody Decks Bowfishing, caught the monster fish from a team members' boat.

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A true sportsman, Faatz shared the credit for the state record carp with his teammates in a post on Team Bloody Decks' Facebook page.

"This is the team's record. Yes my name is on the paper, but I didn't get this fish alone. Attention should be brought to team captain Lou, who took me out that night on his rig, and who assisted me with this fish. Lou spotted it, but I shot it. As a new shooter, if I was alone, I probably would've been over excited and lost it. He calmed me down, and showed me how to tire her out and get her in effectively."

Faatz fought with the fish for 10 minutes before he was able to pull it onboard. The fight was well worth it.

Image via Team Bloody Decks Bowfishing/Facebook
Image via Team Bloody Decks Bowfishing/Facebook

Last week, state fish and wildlife officials notified Faatz's that his catch is the new official state record carp. Faatz's catch surpasses the previous record set by angler Mark Kronyek by 1 pound, 8 ounces. Kronyek caught his record fish back in 2008 on the Delaware River.

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New Jersey's state record fish are based on weight alone.

What's the biggest carp you've ever taken?

Featured image via New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

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NJ Bow Fisherman Lands State Record Carp