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Nintendo’s Duck Hunt to Be Re-Released [VIDEO]

Nintendo's Duck Hunt

Nintendo’s Duck Hunt is coming back for the first time in 30 years.

Nintendo’s Duck Hunt has been around since the beginning of Nintendo. It was launched with the very start of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1984. Unfortunately for all of us Duck Hunt fans, that was also the last time we saw Duck Hunt.

The good news is that it is finally coming back. Nintendo recently announced that it re-released Duck Hunt on the Wii-U on Christmas Day. The game will be exactly the same as the original Duck Hunt since it has been released as a direct port. So don’t expect any new levels or games. Expect shooting as many ducks as you can while getting angry at your dog for laughing at you when you miss.

Check out this video released showing Nintendo’s Duck Hunt in action on the Wii-U. Then go grab one so you can introduce your kids to one of the greatest games of the NES generation.

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Nintendo’s Duck Hunt for the Wii-U is also relatively cheap, since it has been released as a virtual console Game. This means that you will download the game directly to the Wii-U instead of purchasing a game cartage. Virtual games currently sell for an average price of around five dollars.

If you do own a Wii-U, this is a really cheap way to get the nostalgic feel of Nintendo’s Duck Hunt without having to find a working NES console (trust me, it is tough to find). For those who don’t have a Wii-U you can purchase one from Nintendo for $299 and they have plenty of other fun games to play as well as Duck Hunt.

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Nintendo’s Duck Hunt to Be Re-Released [VIDEO]