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Nine-Year-Old Boy Catches 600-Pound Sturgeon in British Columbia [VIDEO]

While many nine-year-olds are still learning how to fish bluegills and bullheads, Kegan Rothman is busy catching 600-pound sturgeon and 120-pound sailfish.

Last Monday, young Kegan Rothman hooked and landed a gigantic 600-pound great white sturgeon from the Fraser River in British Columbia.

Kegan's dad, Dan Rothman, and their guide, Ben Trainer, offered advice and assistance to the young angler as he fought the fish for close to two hours down the river.

Trainer, a guide for Great River Fishing Adventures, expertly maneuvered the boat to enable Kegan until they were able to land the big fish near shore, where he measured and calculated the sturgeon's weight.

With a length of nine feet five inches and a girth of 50 inches, the sturgeon was scientifically calculated to weigh about 600 pounds. Trainer also estimated the fish's age to be over 75 years.

Despite his young age, Kegan is already an accomplished angler. He's caught many fish, including a 120-pound sailfish, and keeps a diary of the weights and sizes of the fish he catches.

This entry will surely get special mention in his personal record book.

Every story about Kegan's fishing triumph has focused on the boy's age (nine years) and his stature (he's four feet tall). That is, indeed, what makes this an extra special story.

Catching a 600-pound sturgeon, by anyone, is a newsworthy story in itself, but when a small boy accomplishes such a feat it deserves even more attention.

Kegan and his father even made an appearance on "Fox & Friends" to talk about the experience. Kegan said that his interest dinosaurs made him want to try to catch a "living dinosaur."

"It is the most excitement I've ever had with a fish. It was so hard to hold onto the rod. I thought the fish was going to pull me into the water," said Kegan. "I'll never forget this. This is the best trip of my life!"

Note: Great River Fishing Adventures website indicates that "there are fish in this river [the Fraser River] that can exceed 13 feet and weigh more than 1500 pounds."

The guide and outfitting service has landed at least four genuine monsters for clients over the last five years, including a 12-foot, 4-inch, 1,100-pound behemoth.

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Nine-Year-Old Boy Catches 600-Pound Sturgeon in British Columbia [VIDEO]