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Nine-Foot Alligator Spotted Near Lake Lewisville, Texas [PICS]

All photos via Rob Jordan / USACE_FortWorth

Sighted in a drainage ditch near the lake, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tweeted out the photo of the gator near Lake Lewisville.

Lake Lewisville visitors better be alert this season because a nine-foot alligator was spotted very close by.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wrote this on their Fort Worth District Facebook page:

"An approximately 9-foot gator was seen in a drainage ditch at the toe of the dam on the downstream side. It was near the Elm Fork of the Trinity River adjacent to a swampy area that is currently inundated with water being released from the lake."

The  says that a sighting like this isn't too unusual. 

Alligator Texas 1

The post also said, "Lewisville Lake personnel see alligators occasionally but this one was ready for its close up."

Alligator Texas

If you're in the Lake Lewisville area this summer you better be on the lookout for gators. If you do spot one, it's always a good idea to stay away and try not to feed them.

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Nine-Foot Alligator Spotted Near Lake Lewisville, Texas [PICS]