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NILO Farms is a Tribute to Winchester's Past and Future

NILO Farms was established in 1952. Many of the traditions continue to this day.

When John Olin, then vice-president of Winchester Repeating Arms Company, decided to get into field trialing labrador retrievers, he did what it took to be successful. First, he hired the best dog trainer available. Next, he founded NILO farms and created a bird hunting/labrador training paradise.

Watch the video to learn about the origins of NILO farms and see what it looks like today.

It's great to see that Winchester is still creating and maintaining habitat specifically for wildlife management purposes.

Efficient farming practices combined with high commodity prices are driving more and more farmers to turn what was once early successional growth, AKA wildlife habitat, into more farm ground. This is having a negative affect on species that have used the habitat and waste crops to sustain them for decades.

NILO Farms is located in Brighton, Illinois. To book a hunt or some time on the sporting clays course contact Rich Ethridge at (618) 258-3133 or visit their website at


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NILO Farms is a Tribute to Winchester's Past and Future