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Nikon’s BDC Distance Lock Riflescopes Give You Confidence at Short and Long Ranges

Nikon’s BDC Distance Lock Riflescopes allow you to dial in on that game at near and far ranges with ease.

Nikon’s BDC Distance Lock Riflescopes will allow you to switch magnifications quickly and elimintates point of impact variation when changing magnification.

Think of the multiple hunting scenarios where this feature will allow you to quickly get on an animal. For example, you are moving to your deer stand through the woods and have your scope dialed down to four times the power in case you bump into a deer at close range.

As you break from the wood line into a clearing a nice buck steps out at 200 yards, you quickly dial up to focus in for that vital shot and with this new Nikon scope you don’t have to adjust, just simply hold at your known range indicator and make that shot. These are the type of scenarios every dedicated hunter encounters so be ready with this new optic.

Nikon’s BDC Distance Lock function is going to give you confidence at close and longer ranges, enabling the shooter to quickly dial up or down the magnification and shoot true. The optical system installed in the first focal plane allows you to maintain the target’s scale and proportion throughout the entire zoom range and with 6 models to choose from you are going to find one right for your rifle.

Nikon continues to push the yard-sticks forward on innovative hunting optics so for the next rifle you get, pair it with quality optics to improve your shooting.



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Nikon’s BDC Distance Lock Riflescopes Give You Confidence at Short and Long Ranges