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Nikon Scopes: Models, Features and More

Look to Nikon scopes for your hunting optics needs.

The second purchase made after a hunter buys a firearm is typically a scope. For that reason, we wanted to fill you in on one of the top brands, Nikon, and share what they have to offer in the optic category.

Known for cameras, binoculars and more, Nikon has devoted a fair about of research and development to their scope manufacturing, and have incorporated a number of unique features and advantages that are tough to find in other, lesser-known brands.

Just to scratch the surface, here is a rundown of the multiple types of Nikon scopes that are available: AR riflescopes, rimfire riflescopes, muzzleloader riflescopes, handgun riflescopes, varmint/coyote riflescopes, SlugHunter/shotgun scopes, an crossbow scopes. The nice part is, no matter what kind of firearm, caliber or use you are looking to buy for, Nikon is likely to have you covered.  If you don’t shoot one of these listed, what exactly are you shooting?

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On top of that lengthy list are the Monarch and ProStaff models created by Nikon, which seem to get the bulk of the attention for general uses. Monarch scopes feature unmatched performance packed inside their one-piece body tubes. That adds strength and durability without adding weight. Built from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the scopes include larger internal lenses for maximum resolution.


Many of the Nikon scopes utilize a patented BDC technology, allowing for exact aiming points at various yardages. The Ultra ClearCoat Optical System is another Nikon-exclusive feature, that adds to brightness and sharpness of the field of view, along with an incredibly flat sight picture and light transmission. From dawn to dusk, you can have confidence that a Nikon scope is going to give you the clarity you require.

Waterproof and fogproof, Nikon scopes have a tight-sealing O-ring and are filled with Nitrogen for the ultimate protection against the elements.

nikon-scope-2The majority of Nikon scopes come in black matte finish, but some are available in silver and even camo patterns. Hunters will find the technology-value variable most impressive, as Nikon has squeezed the most out of their features.

More expensive scopes certainly exist, but they likely aren’t as well-matched to the price tag as a Nikon is.

Perhaps the most advantageous (and flat out coolest) Nikon offering comes from its free and easy-to-use Spot On Ballistics Match Technology allows shooters to use a virtual range by entering their firearm and ammunition variables, then finding the specifications needed to get the most accuracy possible.

Imagine that, no spent ammo but a zeroing in process that can’t really be beat. There’s even a Spot On app that allows you to do all of this via a mobile device.

What about adjustments? Nikon has made that a pretty simple procedure as well. The majority of their scopes have the availability of custom made turrets being designed based on Spot On ballistics information for each specific

If you don’t go the custom route, most Monarch models incorporate a spring loaded, instant zero reset, which is a smooth and simple way of getting your shot to go where you need it to.

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We often get caught up in high-end, high-priced accessories for hunting, and when it’s all said and done, those items can deliver a lot but often hurt the wallet. What Nikon scopes give us is a reasonably priced, high-value product that can be relied on time and time again.

If you’re looking for the first rifle scope of your hunting career, adding to your growing collection or finding the ideal match for a new firearm, Nikon is going to have what you need.


Images via Nikon Sport Optics

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Nikon Scopes: Models, Features and More