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Nikon Releases Their First Ever Monarch Fieldscope Line-Up

The birth of the Monarch fieldscope is the first time Nikon has attached its flagship Monarch product family name to a fieldscope.

Nikon, one of the leading companies in sport optics, has announced their release of their new line of fieldscopes. This time, they are attaching the family name, Monarch.

Nikon currently has fieldscopes available in their Prostaff models as well as their higher end EDG models, but never Monarch.

The new Monarch fieldscopes are true to the “Monarch” family. Monarch is popular amongst birdwatchers, nature observers, shooters and hunters, and has added a fieldscope designed with the needs of adventurous hunters and long-distance shooters in mind. The Monarch fieldscopes offer a high-end optical experience together with ruggedness and ergonomics associated with the Monarch name.

The new Monarch Fieldscope line-up consist of four fieldscope bodies and three eyepieces exclusive to the Monarch design series.

Nikon Monarch Fieldscope

The Monarch fieldscopes also feature Nikon’s Optimizing Focusing System. This is designed to allow you to focus in on your subject much quicker as the focus ring changes within it’s three speeds. As you turn the focus ring clockwise, the focus transitions smoothly from coarse to fine as you work to focus on subjects from near to distant.

nikon monarch fieldscope


The sophisticated optical performance of the Monarch Fieldscope, allows for a crystal-clear field of view. To stand apart from others, the Monarch fieldscopes include an Advanced Apochromat Optical System with ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass which minimizes color fringing. Maximum light transmission through the multilayered, coated, refined lens design, will result in a vivid image to help you focus on detail at great distances. Details to help you decipher the difference between similar color grasses or tree branches that near the look of antlers on a buck. Details like spotting hidden predators like fox and coyotes among grassy fields or spotting a herd of bighorn sheep blending in on the mountain side.

nikon monarch fieldscope

Nikon’s new Field Flattener Lens System is also built into the Monarch fieldscopes design. As the center of the lens begins to focus on the object, the peripheral tends to lose it’s focus. Nikon’s new Field Flattener Lens System provides the means for edge-to-edge sharpness. The lens system compensates for curvature of field and provides a full, crisp image. This is important when discussing fieldscopes, as it separates the good from the great.


Engineered with the adventurous hunter in mind, the Monarch fieldscopes are built for the most rugged adventure. It’s lightweight and built with an aluminum allow design. The sealed nitrogen gas helps prevent fogging of the lenses. They also come with a built-in sliding hood to help prevent harmful light to the optical system.

The Monarch fieldscopes all come fully protected for life by Nikon’s No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy. This gives you confidence to get out in the most rugged terrain and put it to the test.

Pricing of the fieldscopes begin at $1399.

For both eyepiece and fieldscope specifications and pricing, be sure to visit Nikon’s website.

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Nikon Releases Their First Ever Monarch Fieldscope Line-Up