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Nikon Buckmasters II Scope Review: Quality Optics at a Great Price [PICS]


Check out my Nikon Buckmasters II scope review for all the information you need about this budget-friendly scope.

I was recently asked by the kind folks over at to conduct a Nikon Buckmasters II scope review. (They recently posted a buying guide for the best AR-15 scopes which is worth checking out).

I tested the Nikon Buckmasters II scope on a Savage FCP-K .223 rifle with Federal American Eagle 55-grain ammunition. I also used the Nikon Spot On app which makes using the scope’s drop-compensating BDC reticle a breeze.

Nikon Buckmasters II scope review

The Nikon Buckmasters II scope is a very impressive set of optics especially when you consider the $149.99 MSRP price-point. Keep an eye out for sales and you should be able to find it for even cheaper.

Once I had the scope mounted and hit the range, the first thing I noticed about the scope was the quality of the optics. While they certainly would not stack up with say a Nightforce scope’s optics, they also cost less than a tenth of the price of a high-end scope.

The optics in this Nikon scope are fully multicoated and the scope is waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. It gathers a good amount of light, but may not give you the best sight picture as last shooting light approaches.

Nikon Buckmasters II scope review

The eye-relief is also very good, but the scope does lack an adjustable parallax. Instead, it is factory set at 100 yards.

Considering the 4-12x magnification in this scope and the low-price, the lack of a parallax adjustment isn’t a huge problem, but it is always nice to have more features.

The bottom line with the quality of the optics is that they will be more than sufficient for target shooting and hunting in decent light. You will have a bright and clear sight picture and the ability to use the BDC reticle with ease.

Nikon Buckmasters II scope review

Sighting in the scope with my rifle didn’t take very long at all. I started with a few shots at 50 yards to make sure my mounting job was up to snuff before moving out to 100 yards which I chose as my zero distance. Within 10 shots total, I was pleased with the zero.

The turrets are good for a scope at this price range. The clicks while adjusting both the windage and elevation were tactile even if they did lack a little of the crispness that I prefer. The additional feature of having instant zero-reset turrets was nice to have.

Nikon Buckmasters II scope review

Once I was sighted in, I was looking forward to trying out the BDC reticle. It consists of a series of circles beneath the center point of the crosshairs that allow the shooter to quickly compensate for shots at various ranges.

The ranges that each circle represent depend on the range at which you zeroed the scope. The circles were a great design choice because they don’t interrupt the sight picture when taking closer range shots.

Nikon Buckmasters II scope review

I also downloaded the accompanying app that Nikon developed to help shooters quickly determine the correct hold-over to use depending on the current conditions, target range, and type of ammo being used.

On my first shot at 200 yards using the information given to me by the Spot On app, I hit a perfect bullseye in the center of the gong target I was firing at.

Spot On app

I did experience some random crashing while using the app and even had to re-download it once when it refused to start. Hopefully, small issues like that will be eliminated in future app updates.

The app is also much more appropriate for target shooting than hunting, so crashes, while annoying, wouldn’t lead to a failed hunt.

Nikon Buckmasters II scope review

Overall, I came away very impressed after my Nikon Buckmasters II scope review. The scope is packed with features, carries the quality that Nikon is known for, has a limited lifetime warranty, and only costs $149.99.

I really can’t recommend it enough for the budget-conscious shooter in need of a new scope.

For more great rifle scope reviews, don’t forget to head on over to and if you are an AR-15 owner, make sure to check out their best AR-15 scope buying guide.

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Nikon Buckmasters II Scope Review: Quality Optics at a Great Price [PICS]