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The Nikon Arrow ID 3000: Every Bowhunter's Dream Rangefinder

arrow id 3000

An evolution in speed, size and accuracy, the Nikon Arrow ID 3000 is every bowhunter's dream when it comes to rangefinders.

Nikon has just released their lightest, most compact designed rangefinder to date. The new Arrow ID 3000 rangefinder will give you pin point accuracy no matter the distance, elevation or obstacles.

The Arrow ID 3000 comes equipped with Nikon's ID (Incline/Decline) Technology. This is extremely useful to bowhunters who hunt out of elevated treestands. Whether shooting at an incline or decline, the ID Technology will compensate, giving you 100% horizontal range accuracy. This will allow you, as a bowhunter, to just shoot, as the ID Technology gives the correct aiming point needed to compensate for that elevation.

The video below is a full hands-on review put together for a better understanding of what you will find to be one of the best rangefinders you have put your hands on.

The Arrow ID 3000 also includes Nikon's Tru-Target Technology. This technology allows for you to choose between two modes, First Target Priority and Distant Target Priority. First Target Priority mode allows the rangefinder to detect the range of the subject located with a complex background. The Distant Target Priority mode is useful if the subject is behind tall grass or brush.

Changing between modes is very simple and to do so, you must first push and hold the "Mode" button and then within 0.5 seconds push the "Power" button, then hold both buttons for two seconds.

More Features

One of the best features of the Arrow ID 3000 is the uncluttered screen display. This helps keep things simple during the heat of the moment. Many times you will find other rangefinders to add extra numbers, letters, codes and lines to the screen display and all this does it complicate things. Nikon makes it easy and simple with their extremely clear and uncluttered display.

arrow id 3000

Aside from being uncluttered and clear, it is strongly visible in low light. Above is a photo taken through the rangefinder with my phone 27 minutes after sunset, which in many places is 27 minutes after legal shooting hours. In the places that I hunt, that's the last three minutes of shooting light.

My previous rangefinder worked up until about 15 minutes after sunset; then you could no longer see the distance without using the sky or something white to see. This rangefinder far exceeds that and worked in my wooded backyard, in the rain with heavy overcast, 27 minutes after sunset.

The lens, at 4x zoom, offers for an incredibly wide field of view. This is ideal for bowhunters as it allows you to pick up on close targets quickly. When the moment of truth comes, you want a rangefinder that allows you quick use. The more time you spend looking for the animal in the rangefinder, the less time you have for your shot, which could cost you a buck of a lifetime.

MSRP on this new rangefinder is $199.95 and it is backed by Nikon's 2-year warranty. If you are looking for a high quality rangefinder to give you reliable, accurate ranges, the new Nikon Arrow ID 3000 deserves a look.


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The Nikon Arrow ID 3000: Every Bowhunter's Dream Rangefinder