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Nighttime Frog Hunting with a Blowgun [VIDEO]

frog hunting

Have you tried the other, other white meat? Frog hunting can yield some tasty results.

These hunters have frog on the brain.

Watch them go nighttime frog hunting with a blowgun.

We all know frogs are tasty. Many of us have them nearby, living in our creeks, rivers, and ponds, so hunting them is even easier.

These guys are ready for some nighttime frog hunting, and their weapon of choice is a blowgun. Launching blowgun darts at the frogs give these hunters more range than the average frog gig.

With the help of a flashlight the frogs hold still for quick humane shots.

What do you think? Are you ready for some blowgun frog hunting?

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Nighttime Frog Hunting with a Blowgun [VIDEO]