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Night Poachers Become the Hunted in Maine [VIDEO]

Poaching is taken seriously in the Maine woods where Wardens are watching day and night.

A repeat offender is caught stalking bear by headlight in the Great North Woods. Sometimes wardens “catch and release” and sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. This video from Animal Planet shows Maine Wardens doing what they do best!

Watch this video to see one poacher walk right into a trap.

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During Maine’s hunting season, shining lights on wildlife is illegal. The unfair advantage (or, “deer in the headlights” effect) is the sort of thing that Maine’s Warden service has to handle.

The Maine Wardens service has been working with Animal Planet to produce the now poplar North Woods Law TV show. Not only are these wardens fantastic representatives of the State of Maine but they are the genuine article, too: true blue Mainers, sportsman, and outdoorsmen protecting the natural resources for generations to come.

The Wardens service works closely with the state’s biologists to regulate and manage the many wildlife programs that inform hunting practices state wide. They take their job seriously and love what they do!

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Night Poachers Become the Hunted in Maine [VIDEO]