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Night Hunting for Coyotes in New Hampshire [VIDEO]

night hunting coyote feature

Have you ever tried night hunting for coyotes like this guy?

If not, it looks like a blast (pun intended). This New Hampshire man goes through a quick overview of how to night hunt for coyotes in winter.

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Night hunting for coyotes may or may not be legal where you hunt, so check your regulations!


Glen Horne, a hunting guide from New Hampshire, hunts coyotes specifically during the winter and uses night hunting tactics to help the state reduce the population.

As he mentions in the video, Horne baits four separate sites using up to 4,000 pounds of bait meat at each!

From his blind 100 yards away, he hunkers down at dusk and relies on his SIG716 Patrol rifle and Pulsar Digisight night vision scope to take wary coyotes out.

Sounds addicting, right?

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Night Hunting for Coyotes in New Hampshire [VIDEO]